Overland Expo

Ok, I’m all packed up and ready to hit the road tomorrow morning for Asheville, NC.  I’ll be posting on Instagram and twitter along with a detailed blog after the weekend, so follow me get instant updates of exciting new products and rigs out there.

Overland Expo 2017 East

Overland Expo East is next weekend, Sept 29- Oct 1.  I’m gearing up and preparing for an awesome 3 days of meeting new and exciting people while getting new knowledge in a field of travel I am fairly new to.  I’ll be traveling with my buddy Nash (dog) and going light.  We are planning to be there early on Thur morning in hopes to get a good camp site and start meeting new people.

I’m really pumped about this and I know it will provide me with a big jump on getting my expedition moving.

What is this?

What is this site about?

I am setting out on a journey of discovery and adventure.  I am currently planning a 2018 overland expedition of the 49 US states (I’m planning on 50% or more of the trip to be done off-road (non paved or improved roadways/trails).  This will be one continual journey that I am allotting 3-5 months to complete.  Some of the journey I expect to being doing with just my loyal dog Nash but my children will be joining me for many of the adventurous areas.  I am still working on which vehicle to take but have narrowed it down to a Toyota Tacoma TRD, or Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.  I will also be pulling a light weight expedition trailer custom-built by Dan Pugh at Falls Fabrication in Akron OH.

Where is your Bliss?

Where do you find your bliss?  Is it in playing ball, traveling, painting, or helping others?  Where do you open up and find enjoyment in all things?  That’s where you may find your bliss.  Seek it, discover it.  When you find it you will find a purpose, your life will be on fire and you can harness that into an amazing energy.

Find your bliss and change your world.