Unconditional Love

“Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without insistence that they satisfy you.” – Wayne Dyer

When my first son, Dustin, was born and I held him in my arms for the first time my entire being was flooded with love toward him.  I was filled with a joy that enveloped me and brought tears to my eyes.  At that moment I felt a deep and natural love toward him that did not care what he would grow up to be, it didn’t care what his grades would be, it didn’t care if he would be the best player on the field, it just was.  This was a life I helped create and I loved him in a way I did not know existed until that moment.

I grew up believing in God. I have a personal relationship with his son, Jesus Christ.  At times, before and even after Dustin’s birth, I questioned if unconditional love was something that even existed.  I’ve seen the horrors that man inflicts upon his fellow man and felt the burn and sting of jealousy, back stabbing, resentment, and anger.  So how could God love us all unconditionally with all the ugliness we perpetuate upon each other?

As I searched for photos for this website, I came across some that were taken this year during a trip to Pikes Peak.  Dustin and I had a great time together, and I have some really good shots of the two of us together. I was flooded with those same feelings of love I had the day he was born.  If I can feel this kind of love toward my child, then it only makes sense that the source that created me should feel, at minimum, the same way about ME.  I mess up. I get angry.  I say and do things I shouldn’t, but as long as I repent and work toward being a better person, why wouldn’t God forget all that past crap?  Just as I do with my children, because I am a child of God.  So His love must not be personal, it just is always and forever present.

With that knowledge, I can also love myself unconditionally.  I can forgive my past transgressions.  Loving and forgiving others is a lot easier when you first learn to do it with yourself.