Overland Expo East Part 3, the People:

Well, I finally finished the final piece of my overland expo series.  The people of Overland Expo are what really made it extraordinary.  They came from all over the world for the love of travel and sharing.  I met people from almost every continent and a good number of people who have traveled the world.  There was even a select few who have circumvented the globe twice.

What made the people truly amazing was the way they intermingled and connected with each other.  They were real, they were passionate and they were friendly.  There were many social groups within the overland community as a whole also.  The motorcyclist, the Jeep drivers, Tacoma drivers, Landrover enthusiasts,  ect.  But! introduce some craft beers in a central tent and they all came together and talked about their adventures.  Continue reading “Overland Expo East Part 3, the People:”

Introduction to a Worthy Cause

Good day friends.

I’m sorry about the long delay between posts lately.  I have been working diligently on a very important manner regarding the upcoming expedition.  While traveling home from the overland Expo earlier this month I had a lot of time to really think hard about things.  My focus was on this journey and what it was going to look like.  After a long and emotional ride home I came to the indisputable decision that this trip had to be something bigger than me.  Although it essence it is still my journey to find a deeper version of myself I had to do something for others along the way.

I am incorporating a side mission of bringing Awareness to Veteran and First Responder SuicideContinue reading “Introduction to a Worthy Cause”

Freedom of Choice

We are on a constant path of becoming.  What we are becoming is based on the choices we make.  You have the power to choose what and who you are becoming.  It’s not determined by your past, no one else can choose it for you.  It’s your responsibility, your life is in your own hands to choose where it goes and what it will become.  Many people don’t want this responsibility, most people want to hand it over to someone else and play the victim but that too is a choice.  It’s time to stop blaming someone or something else because our life isn’t working the way we want it to.  We must let go of our self-destructive patterns.

Your thoughts become words that manifest actions which in turn create our reality.  Continue reading “Freedom of Choice”

Overland Expo Experience Part 2: “The Equipment Trap”

On the first day of the Expo, I began walking through the vendor area and found all kinds of really cool gear I never knew I needed.  Well, at least, at that moment I needed it.  I did rethink a lot of the gear and, although it is really cool and useful, I knew I didn’t need it right now.

On the top of my list to look at were rooftop tents and an overland trailer.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I am so done with sleeping on the ground when I don’t have to.  Sleeping in a hammock every night while traveling with a dog, and at times, 3 kids just isn’t practical either.  So a roof top tent fits in with my picture of traveling, giving me the camping feel, but with more sleeping comfort.

There are an unbelievable number of different companies out there putting out rooftop tents.  I personally plan to

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Overland Expo Experience Part 1: “The Journey the Experience”

The Overland Expo 2017 East was held in Asheville, NC on the Biltmore Estate this past weekend (Sept 29-Oct 1).  It was a 9.5hr drive from NJ filled with spectacular views of the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains. I took Interstate 81 for most of the trip.  A majority of the driving was done in Virginia, but I also spent time in Tennessee before arriving in the area of Asheville, NC. There were blinking moments in Delaware and Maryland too.

I got a late start on Wednesday 9-27, so I decided to find a place to camp before it got dark.  I looked for free camping online in the area of Wytheville, VA.  Freecampsites.net informed me of an abandoned picnic site on top of Walker Mt. Unfortunately, this turned

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