Freedom of Choice

We are on a constant path of becoming.  What we are becoming is based on the choices we make.  You have the power to choose what and who you are becoming.  It’s not determined by your past, no one else can choose it for you.  It’s your responsibility, your life is in your own hands to choose where it goes and what it will become.  Many people don’t want this responsibility, most people want to hand it over to someone else and play the victim but that too is a choice.  It’s time to stop blaming someone or something else because our life isn’t working the way we want it to.  We must let go of our self-destructive patterns.

Your thoughts become words that manifest actions which in turn create our reality.  The thoughts and words we use have the power to change our lives for better or worse.  Take for example the phrase “Oh that will never happen”, when you say that you have given up and will never try to get the result you truly want.  Try saying “that’s a long shot, but what would I need to do for it to happen?”, here you are showing possibility and therefore you will look for ways to make it so.  “I can’t afford it” you are admitting defeat and therefore will never have it.  Instead use the phase, “how can I afford that”, now your mind will start working in ways to figure out how you can have the things you desire.
When we play the victim we give our power over to someone else or a circumstance.  We then see it as something out of our control and we can’t change it.  If you take responsibility and see everything in your life as something you have some control over, even if it’s just the way we choose to react to it, then you regain that power.  You now have the power to change it even just a little into the reality we desire.  Are you ready to take control of your own life?  It starts today, right now, with your next choice.


Share with us the choices you are making today to change or direct your life.  Once you put them in writing you give it more power, you will work that much harder to make it happen.  Comment below and get the power flowing.


Semper-Fi and God bless