Stretching Exercises

I will be out in Las Vegas this week for the SEMA and AAPEX shows.  Hoping to get some insight on my overlanding rig.   Networking and fact gathering is the agenda this week.

So I am leaving you with an entry from Science of the Mind monthly magazine.  The following comes from “Creative Mind and Success” 1st published in 1919.

Stretching Exercises:

Because We are limited is no reason why the Universe should have limitation.  Our limitation is only our unbelief; life can give us a big thing or a little thing.  When it gives us a little thing, it is not limited


any more than life is limited when it makes a grain of sand because it could just as well have made a planet.  But in the great scheme of things, all kinds of forms, small and large, are necessary, which combined make a complete whole.  The power and substance behind everything remains infinite.

Now, this life can become to us only through us, and that becoming is the passing of Spirit into expression in our lives in the form of the thoughts that we give to it.  In itself, life is never limited; an ant has just as much life as an elephant though smaller in size.  The question is not one of size but one of consciousness.

Of course we will fall, of course, the road is not easy, but we will be growing.  Daily, we will be giving to the Creative Mind a newer and greater concept to be working out into the life around us.  Daily, we will be overcoming some negative tendency.  We must stick to it until we gain the mastery of all our thought, and in that day, we will rise never to fall again.  We must be good-natured with ourselves, never becoming discouraged or giving up until we overcome.

– from “Creative Mind and Success”