The Line of Departure:

In the Corps, we have a term “the Line of Departure”.  It refers to the starting point for an attack on an enemy position.  It’s your last chance to get your shit together or make changes before the attack kicks off.  Well, this weekend the line was crossed for me.  I had my first event as an ambassador to Mission 22 and The Weekly Fight.  I made my 1st assault on an enemy that has been viciously attacking me and so many of my brothers and sisters in uniform.

Saturday, Nov 11th, I attended the Jeeps in the Vineyard hosted by Grass Roots Jeep Club.  Although cold, the weather at Valenzano Family Winery was beautiful.  It was an amazing showing at this Veteran’s day event.

Working to raise awareness I found myself filled with energy.  I cannot describe the source of that energy but it was just, Right.  I found people sharing my struggles and some living a nightmare I couldn’t imagine.  These conversations stirred up emotions, caused words to get caught in our throats and brought tears to our eyes.  I found a little more healing that day.  I also like to believe I brought a little healing to those I spoke with.

I now sit down to write this filled with clarity and drive.  The emotions that were stirred up continued into the evening.  I felt driven, focused and alive.  I was having doubts about all of this before Saturday.  I was scared of being away from my children, I was overwhelmed with the massiveness this trip could be.  I worried about rejection from others after I opened myself up.  Although those worries are still there I now feel the reassurance that it’s the right thing for me to do.

This is a worthy cause, this is my calling, I have found my bliss, for now.


Semper-Fi & God Bless