Thanksgiving has just past and we have been bombarded by things to be grateful for.  It’s great to remember and


reflect on the blessings you have and I don’t want to take away from that.  I do however want to shake it up and talk about being ungrateful.  What are the consequences of being ungrateful?  Here are a few things that have come to light for me.

You will not be able to see the opportunities being offered to you:

When you are ungrateful, you constantly look at what others have and you

don’t.  It can be physical possessions, relationships, opportunities for promotions in business and many more.  When you put your focus on the negatives that you feel you deserve you miss the opportunities the universe is offering specifically to you.

We focus on the actions of others instead of the processes of God:

When we are unthankful we weigh our lives against the responses of others.  We magnify their actions and responses to our lives.  If they don’t find what we do as successful we don’t feel successful.  What others believe brings happiness is what we chase after therefore ignoring or missing the things before us that bring true joy.

We begin to chase pleasant circumstances:

We constantly chase the next feel-good moment.  We are not satisfied with what we have or where we are.  When you are chasing the next high, you can’t enjoy the moment.  We fail to see the value in those around us and happiness becomes dependant on fleeting moments and things.

We repel key people in our lives:

Everyone we come encounter with has a purpose in our lives.  Some obviously have a bigger role than others but we can learn something from everyone.  Might it be the person waiting on you at the coffee shop this morning or the love of your life.  When we are ungrateful we constantly talk negatively about the world around us.  This negativity will eventually push away those who were put here to lift us up and bring joy to our lives.

We repel the goodness our creator wants to give us:

When we love someone we want to give them nice things.  We want to see the joy in their life and be a part of that celebration.  We spend a lot of time to find that thoughtful gift and then spend our hard earned money to buy it.  When that person is ungrateful it hurts and we have to decide if that person is worthy of our efforts again.  In return when we see the joy and gratefulness from a worthy recipient we want to repeat that action.  Same goes for our creator.  Why should he continue to bestow nice things on a person who does not appreciate the blessings they have already received.

We will miss our purpose in life:

We were designed to worship our creator and to bless each other.  Ungrateful feelings breed resentment and bitterness.  This can lead to discouragement and later depression.  It is hard to be a light in the world when we can’t feel enjoyment ourselves.  Bringing joy to those we love is not buying them an expensive gift, it’s not taking them on an extravagant vacation.  We bring happiness to those around us by being in a joyous state.  Think about people you like to be around because you feel genuinely happy when you are in their presence.


What are your thoughts on what I have listed?  Do you have anything you feel should be added?  Please share with the community and leave your comments below.

Semper Fi & God Bless

Tom Knapp

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  1. I enjoyed this article. I especially like your point: If they don’t find what we do as successful we don’t feel successful. I personally struggle with this from time to time due to unconventional interests/talents that are maybe not understood by those around me. However, I do feel blessed and have to remind myself of my successes. This reminds us to be compassionate and empathetic towards others achievements, no matter how small, and to be grateful for our differences. Every soul has a powerful presence and specific gift to give in this life. Stepping back and noticing their gifts is such a blessing, and celebrating them spreads love.

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