What’s the plan?

Well, I’ve been away from the keyboard for a couple of weeks.  I’ve been struggling with some things and doing some major work on myself.  I’ll put that on another blog, but right now I wanted to get back on and engage you all a bit.

I have added a map page to the site.  Raise your hand if you saw that already if so I thank you for being so attentive.  If not no worries, now you know though so go take a look.  These are the events I’m applying to for display space.  This will give you an idea about my travel schedule.  I hope to attend some smaller local fairs or events while traveling thru rural America.

I’ve been getting needed material from the non-profits I’m representing and gearing up for my 1st major event of 2018.  The Garden State Outdoor show in Edison NJ.  If any of officers or veterans want to join me, hang out and help a good cause, send me a personal email.  I’ll give you the info and we can see if there’s a place for you.

You can see part of my plan now so is the time for you to start chiming in.  Where should I visit? What sites must I see?  Give me some feedback on your most memorable travel moments.  I want to create my own unforgettable experiences that I can share with you all along the way.  I’m not just looking for the normal landmarks but how about a secluded camping site with an awesome view or swimming hole?  How about a remote waterfall or crazy rock formation?

I encourage you to share it right here on this blog so everyone can see it.  Maybe someone else out there is looking for their next adventure too.  Thanks for sharing and I’m excited about the possibilities that can come from this.  Cheers.


Semper-Fi, God Bless