What Wolf do you Feed?

A trijan refrain

Inside you lives a wolf of white—
of patience, peace and love.
He is forgiveness, hope and light;
a blessing from above.
This wolf of white the world will see
through all the good he brings to thee.
_____This wolf of white,
_____this wolf of white,
his gifts will set your spirit free.

A wolf of black, as dark as night
lives next to him inside.
He’s hatred, rage, cruelty, fright,
intolerance and pride.
This wolf of black the world will see
through evil actions, evil deeds.
_____This wolf of black,
_____this wolf of black,
his teeth will make your spirit bleed.

Within your soul, the two wolves fight
to see which one will give
directions and will win the right
to show you how to live.
Which one will win the fight? We need
to pay attention; pay close heed!
_____Which one will win?
_____Which one will win
depends upon which one we feed.

Many of you have heard this story before but maybe not as a poem.  The point it makes is simple.  If we live out of fear and hatred we are feeding the black wolf who will, in the end, destroy us.  If we feed the white wolf and live a life of love and forgiveness our lives will prosper and we will enjoy life and its journey more.

I still struggle with giving into fear.  This past week I was fearful of the new year.  Just days earlier I was ecstatic about seeing 2017 come to an end and moving on into a new phase of life.  What brought on such fear?  It was the uncertainty of what lies ahead.  I still have many open chapters from last year that I so desperately wish to bring to a close.  They are working at their own pace and will be done soon but I had my plans.  My plans called for them all to be memories and a new chapter to be underway.  But the world and wisdom of my creator have different times lines then I do.

You see life does not always play out the way we want it to.  I’ve been a control nut most of my life.  I want to have a plan, I want to see that plan come to life and follow the efficient steps I have set up for it.  When those steps don’t fall into place the way I designed them too I get anxious and fearful that things aren’t going to work out.  So I needed a reminder from some loving people in my life.

They reminded me to live out of love and trust the processes.  They reminded me how sure I was about my path just a few weeks earlier.  So I took some time to meditate on these things and remind myself what I’m working for.  The journey may not look exactly as I pictured it but it is still a beautiful path as long as I look up and take it in.  This filled me with renewed purpose and I got back to work on the plan, after making the adjustments needed.  I have filled my heart with love for those who support me, who are there for me when I need it most and see the many many blessing I have been given.  There are still dark times in my life, but they aren’t as dark or long as they were the day before.

So I leave you will these wise words that were given to me by another wise person.  “Fear leads to anger… anger leads to hate… hate leads to suffering” -Yoda, Jedi Master.             -May the force be with you.

Semper-Fi & God Bless