Great American Outdoor Show

We are in the final days of the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA.  It has been a long week with some exhausting days.  Coordinating assistance, working with the event staff and organizing the display has caused anxiety, frustration and sapped me of much energy.  Although I’m happy to see it coming to an end I am even more joyous about the connections I have made and the countless people I have shared my message with.  The turnout and response from the attending crowd have made it all worth wild.  Nash and I will return home on Monday and I am excited to see my children.  I miss them very much and long to spend some time relaxing and just being near them.  

We have made many new friends and got to see some older ones too.  It’s amazing how enjoyable all the hard work can be when your present and open to what the universe has to show you.  I have some amazing opportunities for future events and adventures.

So if you are close come on out to Harrisburg.  Sunday is the last day but there is something for everyone in the family when it comes to the outdoors.

Semper-Fi & God Bless

Tom Knapp

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