Who am I?

I’m Tom Knapp, a 44-year-old guy who got caught up in the expected. I was expected to go to college and get a degree. Done. I was expected to find a good job with room for advancement that would provide for my family’s future. Done.  I settled down with a mortgage, vehicle payment, yearly vacation, ect.

I am also a 17-year Marine Corps Vet who reached the rank of Gunnery Sgt., deployed to Iraq twice. I’m a veteran police Sgt who served on the department SWAT team as an operator and sniper. I’ve also held a slew of other jobs from door-to-door vacuum salesman to mailman. You-name-it and I probably did it or thought about it. I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished and the wonderful children I have helped raise, but there has always been a deep longing within me for more. I know this life has more to offer than the usual rat race we all endure.

This year has been, by far, the toughest year of my life with a lot of loss. I have struggled with PTSD for years. This has caused me to lose two careers that I have loved and have made me proud. Most of all, it has also cost me, my family, with a divorce imminent. The mental breakdown all of this has caused has rocked me to my core. I have lost friends to war, loved ones to illnesses, but the loss of my family has brought me to my all-time low. It is in this dark place that I have started to discover and love myself. I have faith that I’ll find my purpose, my calling, and my bliss on this path of self-discovery.

So, with this new found inner-strength and peace I move into the future. It’s one filled with uncertainty, but also wild expectation and excitement of what is around the next corner. I am fueled by a soul that desires adventure, exploration, and discovery. I will continue to develop my Life Experience List “Bucket List” and I will venture out of my comfort zone to cross those things off. I expect, while crossing one off, I will probably develop 2 more to take its place, but hell, that’s what living does to you.

Knapp’s over Tom! It’s time to get up and start moving, so please join me in a life worth living.